uәɯ are from Venus; uәɯoʍ are from Mars (short version)

Ψomen and men, men and women..
We all mention them in our daily lives, in our jokes and even in bad moments.
Are women that stupid that they can’t be compared to men? Is it hard for a woman to do things that a man does? Why do women have babies and men don’t? and now to the big question, why there’s always comparison between those 2 gendres MEN AND WOMEN?

In Religion:

In Quran, Allah (swt) told us that women are not like men. Women can’t compare herself with a man; Unlike what we see nowadays, which is: “most of women are trying to build their future on their own and definetley making secure that oneday they need no man to take care of them”.
According to the Qur’an, man and woman are two units of a pair. When both are taken independent of each other, there are ceretain obvious vacuums in the mental, physical and emotional personalities of each. God has created the two in such a way that they complement each other in different ways, so that these vacuums are generally removed to a great extent. For this very purpose, God gave different mental, physical and emotional qualities to the male and the female. These different mental, physical and emotional qualities, on the one hand complement man and woman, and on the other establishes for them different spheres of activity in their interpersonal relationships.

“According to the Qur’an, man, for 2 reasons, should be the head of the family: One, because he is given the responsibility of earning the livelihood for the family (i.e. he is to strive for the provision of the financial requirements of the family);  and two, because he is given the mental, physical and emotional qualities that are more suitable for this responsibility; just like women are given certain qualities that make them more suitable for responsibilities in a number of other spheres.It is only in this sphere (i.e. in the relationship of husband and wife) that God has given the man a degree of authority over the woman. Besides this sphere, both are considered equal.”

In science:

Women can, of course, be educated, but their minds are not adapted to the higher sciences, philosophy, or certain of the arts. Women may have happy inspirations, taste, elegance, but they have not the ideal. The difference between man and woman is the same as between animal and plant.
The animal corresponds more closely to the character of the man, the plant to that of the woman. In woman there is a more peaceful unfolding of nature, a process, whose principle is the less clearly determined unity of feeling.
If woman were to control the government, the state would be in danger, for they do not act according to the dictates of universality, but are in influenced by accidental inclinations and opinions. The education of woman goes on one only knows how, in the atmosphere of picture thinking, as it were, more through life than through the acquisition of knowledge. Man attains his position only through stress of thought and much specialized effort.
Also brain size of women are SMALLER than those of men.


SO to those who gonna start the debate of “I can take care of myself – women are like men and etc..”
I adivce you to think again, because not everything a woman can do & not everything a man can handle!

I hope it is clear from the above explanation that in my opinion, Islam does not differentiate between the status of a man or a woman. It is only in the particular relationship of husband and wife that Islam gives a degree of authority to the husband. It would be as wrong to say on this basis that Islam gives women a lower status in the social setup as compared to men, as it would be to say that Islam gives men a lower status as compared to women on the basis of the degree of authority that a mother has over her male child.


7 thoughts on “uәɯ are from Venus; uәɯoʍ are from Mars (short version)

  1. waleedsq says:

    yeah.. both women and men could live happily if everyone of them focused on his role in life.. and for me as a man.. I really appreciate women and I don’t feel they need something extraordinary to prove their selves 😀 .. we already can’t live without them !

  2. AlaaShaker says:

    I like how you break your thoughts down. I personally find a problem with people being offended when saying that men and women are different; why does “different” have to indicate that one is better than the other? We are different, and we should be thankful to that. The other thing is that it’s OK for men and women to compete, but compete in what? I find them almost always competing for the wrong stuff. They don’t compete to prove they can be better in what they do, they compete to prove they can do the other party’s job better. I want to be a better father, a better husband, and a better man in my society (with respect to what I do), I don’t need to and shouldn’t try prove I can do a woman’s job better, to prove I’m better than she is – which is what most women are trying to do these days (ela man ra7em rabby :D).

    Note aside, if I’ve said one tenth of what you said above (even in a good way, out of good intentions), I know tons of girls who would’ve marvelously and instantly torn me into teeny tiny pieces and fed me to a rats.. lol


  3. Great analysis, good piece of literature

  4. Hi.D says:

    @waleed; sure you can’t live without “them” or you would have been somewhere in بلاد ال س heheheh :p am happy you like it 🙂

    @Alaa’ 😀 your note cracked me up but unfortunately we all know such girls. And yeah you’re right, we don’t have to prove that we can do everything, we just need to prove that we can do it on it’s best.

    @Mohammed Mamdouh; thank you so much 🙂 hope the rest will be good ones as well.

  5. mtpsycho says:

    as Alaa mentioned, you’ve tackled the problem and divided it really well.

    You’ve tackled a problem with a considerable amount of sensitivity specially in the modern world, and yet you didn’t get someone mad on you.

    However the post in some opinions would be “biased” but i truly believe that it’s quite true, GOD has created Men and Women for a reason, and created them Differently for a reason, and made their minds differently for a reason. Not only this but even within our Gender we are Different, Males are Different than one another, Females too it’s just that we dnt exactly know the answer to the “Why?” is what driving us crazy about it.

    Again Like Alaa mentioned, different doesnt mean better or worse, it’s just Different, like a Different tone of Color it’s just Different, and it might look enormously better for some but disgustingly bad for others. it’s our differences that differentiate us from each other.

    GOD Fascinatingly Created Women with Capabilities no other man can ever do, like pressure handling (Baby crying, another Yelling/Playing, While Managing any type of Work), effort spent with kids, natural maternity skills, Pregnancy, etc…. .

    Yet you find women/men competing being a better parent!! well in my opinion it’s not being a better parent it’s being the Correct Parent. Correct would mean, spending time, securing living, understanding, strictness, fun, politeness, role model, etc…. such duties are both parents duties and they couldnt be divided any how.

    However, There’re always extremes to every subject, that includes that there are plenty of Brilliant women more than men, but this is not the ultimate normal case, and not because it worked for someone it would work for all the rest.

    Urgh that’s another post within inside the post. Sorry (A) for elongating.

    Thumbs Up Tho.

    • Heidi Eb K. says:

      Hello mtPsycho!

      I’m really glad you liked it! Thank you so much for stepping by and reading it.

      Actually the reason that motivated me to write this article is that, girls of today (including me) are fascinated by the western world.
      I agree women can do everything like working, having kids, being a wife & etc… but she won’t be doing it 100% as it should. As well, the main reason that women work these days, is money. Unfortunately, IT IS.

      If women can do half of what our mother and grandmothers used to do. This world will just turn to an AWESOME, WELL ORGANIZED Place to live in.

      Maybe my voice will be heard by other women one day 🙂 I hope so.

      Thanks again!

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