It’s worth it, Trust me.

Life seems such a struggle to many of us. There is so much pressure to make enough money to survive, pay taxes, run a car, send kids to school, keep a relationship going…..even children and especially teenagers are under pressure knowing that they have to get to the top of the heap in almost any endeavour, or simply become one of the strugglers.

Pressure and the feeling of not being able to cope, or to succeed, drives people to avenues of escape – drink and drugs, often combined with fast cars and confused morals cause even more mayhem, and the inevitable casualties. Casualties that are not only physical accidents or physical health issues, but also breakdowns of the spirit. Broken spirits often plan on escaping life entirely.

Health and social systems are burdened with these casualties of modern life. Those who are still able to work or earn a living are being overwhelmed with the load, having to pay high taxes to keep the system going, this pressure sending them too quickly on their way to the top of the casualty list.

What’s going on here? How can it be that humans, creatures with endless resources who over time have used their brains and creativity to improve upon the quality of life, are still struggling as humans always have, to survive. How is it possible that despite all the social and technological advances made over time, life is not easier? It could be argued that it is easier, certainly easier physically, but emotionally and spiritually, we suffer.Why?

I believe that this is because life on earth is meant to be a struggle. We are meant to face adversity, tackle obstacles and deal with our human limitations. Not because this is meant to be a nasty place, but in order to improve our souls. Adversity builds character.

Think of life as a multi level computer game. Each player starts off on level one, and once we become adept manage to rise through the levels to reach the prize waiting at the top level. Each level becomes harder, but once we learn how to do it, and keep our minds on winning, we manage to complete the game and win the prize. Unfortunately, to many, the obstacles in the game of life become too hard to negotiate, or we struggle to find the supports we need to continue.




One thought on “It’s worth it, Trust me.

  1. mtpsycho says:

    didnt i just read this one on the other blog?! 😀

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