About Heidi Eb K.✿

Hello, Welcome to my blog!

I’m not very good in “describing myself” but I’ll give it a shot … =]

I’m Heidi (Hi-d), I’m not a writer, but I like to do it sometimes cause it has magical  f e e l i n g  when you write down whatever comes on your mind to whoever is reading it wherever he/she is. I’m a student at “KULeuven” studying Pre-med (part-time) & psychology (full-time). I’ve HUGE dreams waiting for me, mostly related to helping the weak & poverty, as I’m a world-traveler whenever I get the time to go on a holiday. Not only that– I was born in a country, raised up in another and currently living in 3rd different one. My parents do not come from same nationalities, so I really am a mix of everything. I have passionate towards the Middle-East, cause it has something special that words can not describe. Also one of my biggest dreams is moving to Africa to help the children & women there. 
1 last thing I forgot to mention, I super hate money, as I super hate liars, cheaters and failed-to-keep-their-promise people. I’m open to all religions, but inside me there is only one religion I believe in -Peace- 

Enjoy my posts and feel free to share your comment with me . I would REALLY appreciate that . 

Have  lovely day dear reader, and welcome again! ; )



One thought on “About Heidi Eb K.✿

  1. Psycho says:

    Nice update to the previous intro. Where did u travel to?! Wt are the three countries?!

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